新闻 没有边界 - 或关于交叉的力量

没有边界 - 或关于交叉的力量


Enjoying the “unknowability” of art

There are many genres of art, both in Japan and overseas, and now and in the past. I think that many of the artists selected for this exhibition are difficult to explain within the existing framework. But the fact that they can’t be put into words may be proof that they have something new to offer.



他直| Naoya Hirata

平田聪1991年出生于长野,他的特点是处世态度利用互联网收集的数据在虚拟空间中创作雕塑。This is why he calls himself a sculptor. Hirata believes that “sculpture is something that has spatiality and temporality,” and他所做的是传统的雕塑作品,只是对现有的空间和材料(钢铁和木材)有不同的看法). 他的作品让我想,“数字化和真实是同义词吗?他的作品让我们思考,“数字化和真实是同义词吗?“最重要的是,他们让我们作为现代人质疑空间和时间。

Prophet 2019 33 x 27.5cm铝合金数字银印版本1/3

Naoyuki Hata | Naoyuki Hata


g / b // u /#1 2020 29.7 x 42cm数字银打印版本1/10

顺声索基|Syunsuke Saiki.

Saiki是一名画家使用画布作为显示器创建绘画. 对于大多数信息和通信都依赖智能手机和PC的人来说,终端的显示离眼睛和视野很近,我认为从某种意义上说,斋木的绘画模仿展示,这是现代人的视角,本身就很立体. 在某种程度上,我认为他的画是非常立体的存在。他们有些玩世不恭,好像你把我们的眼睛都挖出来了。

日常生活与反乌托邦2019 60.6×91cm油画亚克力


Ayaka Tadano is a painter who uses Japanese painting techniques and contemporary themes. Her landscape paintings depict the ephemeral aspect of “we humans who will disappear someday. The surface of Japanese painting is rough because of the use of mineral-based paints, and I think the sense of things combined with Tadano’s theme of “eternity and things will disappear one day” creates a very sentimental effect.

仍然在路2020 35×50cm,木板上的矿物颜料,日本纸


出生于中国,曾昭是中国传统绘画和当代绘画的捣烂。在中国,绘画的传统评价点是“表达了多少钱。”通过故意使笔触可见,他表达了艺术家的呼吸和绘画时情绪的波动,使Qi可见。雷竞技官网网站换句话说,他们是paintings in which the painter’s presence is very visible

KS190829 2020 53×53cm oil on canvas

Neil Tomkins - Neil Tomkins

Neil Tomkins is obsessed with the relationship between real landscapes and the emotions of the people who see them. He believes that people look at their own情绪通过landscape, and that when they look at the landscape and remember it, their feelings are mixed in.

早晨SPRIT 2019 46×36cm丙烯酸在帆布上

Gahyo Choe

Korea-based artist Gahyo Choe’s work is interesting in that she createsspace from scratch, to put it simply. She草图她所拥有的梦想,然后通过p建立景观iecing them together, applying very thin layers of paint to express the texture of the dreams. In the context of painting, it’s more like abstract painting, but it’s also figurative in that it depicts the vision in the dream. It seems to me that I am drawing a very delicate line, like the relationship between dreams and reality.

自由世界#1 2019 65×53cm水粉画,油画粉彩


不管是绘画还是表演,我想the one thing you can’t escape about art它必须是可见的。视觉信息非常强大。有人说,人百分百是他们看起来的样子。然而,我认为艺术是通过对象的语言来表达创造者的情感、思想、历史和社会条件的一种方式。当然,如果作品在视觉上是完整的就好了,但我认为欣赏作品背后的思想更有趣。



Shinzo Okuoka. https://www.tricera.net/

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